Corona warning app instead of Luca: Politics is pushing the pace

The Bundestag calls for greater use of the Corona warning app. (Image source: GIGA)

The Corona warning app can not only save vaccination certificates, but also carry out check-ins. The Bundestag demands that the app should be used more to track contacts in the event of an infection. Things are getting tighter for the Luca app.

Corona warning app: more contact tracking required

With the new version of the Infection Protection Act, the Bundestag has made it clear that the Robert Koch Institute’s corona warning app should be used more than before for contact tracking. Municipalities and federal states should integrate the app more in order to prevent the Understand contacts faster and to be able to warn.

The one often used for check-ins up to now Luca-App is getting more and more into the background. While check-ins were only possible via Luca for a long time, the Corona warning app has also offered such a function since April 2021. The Corona warning app can now also handle newer QR codes that were created for the often criticized Luca app. In addition, Luca cannot save vaccination and test certificates.

Both apps use different principles for contact tracking. Registration by name is required for Luca, while the Robert Koch Institute app is for anonymous and decentralized system puts. Contact persons are warned directly via the Corona warning app if they are in a location at the same time as an infected person.

What do 2G and 3G rules mean? The answer is in the Video:

Corona warning app: Can be used in parallel with Luca

With the new version of the Infection Protection Act, it ultimately remains the Federal states and municipalities It is up to you whether you want to prescribe the Corona warning app for contact tracking. Wherever only the Luca app was previously used, the Corona warning app can now officially run in parallel (source: Bundestag).

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