Tuesday, November 30

Department of Game, Dongyang University. Invited special lecture on ‘TA Roles and Practice Cases’

Data provided – Dongyang University

Dongyang University’s Department of Game (Dept. Professor Jung-Tae Kim) announced on the 23rd that it held a special lecture by game experts for the second semester of 2021 at Dongducheon Campus of Dongyang University. As an event that can be viewed from outside, many game developers, indie game developers, and passers-by, in addition to students enrolled in the game department, participated in ZOOM.

This special lecture was held for 2 hours from 5 pm to 7 pm with the subject of ‘The role of TA in the field and practical cases’, and the head of Gamevil Joo-seong gave a lecture. For one hour, special lectures were held on the role of a technical artist (TA), work cases, optimization consulting cases, work flow improvement, resource pipeline design, and competency required for TAs. We had time to understand in depth about the rare TA occupations in Korea along with detailed explanations about them.

Director Joo-seong, who was in charge of the lecture, said, “As the scale of development grows and becomes more complex, the existence of a TA that connects art and programming has become more important. In general, TAs are responsible for creating shaders, researching the latest technology trends, and optimizing them, but today’s TAs require the ability to decide how to create art resources and reduce development costs by improving the workflow. ” he asserted.

He said, “The TA should not be limited to participating in shader production in the early stages of development, but should be able to understand the entire process of the game and fully demonstrate their capabilities at each project point from the early, middle, late, and live service. The most important and comprehensive thing a TA must do to contribute to development is to design a resource pipeline.”

Namgi-duk Nam, professor of the Department of Game at Dongyang University, said, “The development process is still largely unchanged from its infancy because domestic game developers tend to neglect job titles such as technical artists (TAs) and project managers (PMs) who improve and automate project processes. didn’t In the current game market, where the size of development is gradually increasing, the rigid and old mindset that as long as there are a large number of game developers everything can be solved is one of the big factors that lowers global competitiveness.”

He said, “There are job roles such as TA and PM in domestic game development companies, but there are very few developers who perform their original roles. There are many places called TA, but limited to shader production, or PM, but not fulfilling the comprehensive role of Project Managing and performing some roles, such as Product Manager. In order for the domestic game industry to rapidly acquire global competitiveness, it is necessary to clearly reset the definition of terminology and job scope for job groups such as TA and PM according to global standards. do,” he said.


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