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– Added “Yahaba” and “Susamaru” to playable characters

Sega Publishing Korea (CEO Saito Go) announced that it will distribute the 2nd free update of the home game 『Devil Blade Hinokami Blood Story』, which is based on the popular animation 『Knife of Destruction』, from November 24th.

In this update, we have added the blood demons Yahaba and Susamaru as playable characters in the Versus mode. “Yahaba” is characterized by a cunning battle method that uses arrows that do not deal any damage by slamming the opponent into the ground to inflict damage. “Susamaru” is good at ranged attacks using the color ball, and can overwhelm the opponent unilaterally. And in this update, in addition to adding “60fps action” that allows you to enjoy parts of the game on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X, and Steam at 60fps, a new mission has been added to “Online Missions” and a quote from the addition of a new reward board Added color paper for team members and fixed minor errors.

In addition, the 3rd free update that adds “Blood Ghost” as a character exclusive to the Versus mode will be implemented in the future, so please look forward to it.

【2nd Free Update – Additional Playable Characters】

「Yahaba」 (CV: Jun Fukuyama)

At the order of Kibutsuji, Susamaru and Tanjiro visit Asakusa and attack the party. He is a blood demon with eyes on both palms and controls arrows for direction manipulation with blood demons.

Battle Features

Yahaba, who specializes in fighting from a distance using arrows. The arrow itself has no attack power, but let’s deal damage by hitting the opponent who was stabbed by the arrow into the ground or by attaching a rock to the arrow to blow it away.



Since Yahaba uses both “attacks that deal damage” and “attacks that do no damage”, it is important to know how much combo you can do, focusing on “attacks that deal damage”.

Skillfully distance yourself from the opponent with “Attacks that do no damage” and create gaps, and use combos focusing on “Attacks that deal damage” to inflict heavy damage on your opponent.



Combo Examples for Proficient Use of Yahava

● Technology (1) (△・Until additional input) > Skill(2) (→△) > Skill(1) (△・Up to additional input) > Skill(2) (→△)> Special Skill(1) (L1)

The special skill (1) has a high minimum damage even when used as a continuous attack, so it is optimal for the final blow of a combo.

● Technology (2) (→△) > Skill(1) (△・Until additional input) > Skill(2) (→△) > Skill(1) ( △・Until additional input) > Skill(2) (→△) >Special skill (2) (→L1) > Special Skills (1) (L1) > Mistakes (R2)

Parts of skills and special skills can be added or subtracted according to the remaining gauge. In actual combat, the situation of the full gauge is limited, but even if the number of techniques is reduced, high damage can be expected.

「Susamaru」 (CV: Mikako Komatsu)

At the command of Kibutsuji, they attack Tanjiro and his party who visited Asakusa with Yahaba. It is a blood demon in the form of a girl and attacks by throwing a powerful ball of color.


Battle Features

You can fight while keeping a distance from your opponent by using a powerful color ball. It can attack unilaterally from outside the gap without approaching strong opponents in close combat, including members of the Ghost Slayer.



It is a combat method that throws a ball of color while actively moving long and short distances, but if you aim for a combo based on a “kick” while keeping it in check, you can inflict great damage.



Combo example to use Susamaru skillfully

● Technology (3) (R1+△) > Tracking dash (○) > Air attack (→□) > (Landing) > Normal attack (□>□) > Skill (3) (R1+△・Press and hold) > Tracking dash (○) > Air Attack (□>□) > Skill (1) (△)

A powerful dash attack skill (3) startup combo.

● Technology (3) (R1+△) >> Normal attack (□>□) Special skill (2) (→L1) > Air attack (ground response) (→□) > (Landing) > Normal attack (□>□) > Skill (3) ) (R1+△・long press) > Normal attack (□) > Skill (2) (→△) > Misuse (R2)

The Oui Swordsman skill (2) needs to be used near the opponent, so activate it while pressing the left stick in the opponent’s direction. The cool figure that moves dynamically is also a point.



The illustration is a visual created based on a 3D model in the game by CyberConnect2, a development company.

The button notation is for the PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5 version.

【Free update information】

A total of 3 episodes will be added as a playable character in the Versus mode.

・The first additional playable characters: “Louis” and “Akaza”

・2nd additional playable characters: “Yahaba” and “Susamaru”

・New online mission added

・Additional reward board

・Minor bug fixes

・Added “60fps action” that allows you to enjoy parts of the game at 60fps (PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X, Steam only)

The corresponding range is a part of search/combat operation locations in “Solo Play Mode” and some battle operations in “Versus Mode” offline.

【Introduction to the game “Devil’s Blade Hinokami’s Blood Story”】

The home game “Devil’s Blade Hinokami’s Blood Story” is a fighting action game based on the anime “Devil’s Blade” that started airing in April 2019. ‘ to the theatrical version “Infinity Train”, the solo play mode “Hinokami Blood Story”, and the Versus Mode, where you can fight by combining two of your favorite characters. You can enjoy the world view.

【Solo Play Mode “Hinokami Blood Story”】

In solo play mode, players can experience the trajectory of Kamado Tanjiro drawn in the anime “Knife of Destruction” by themselves.

Includes episodes from the TV animation “Kamado Tanjiro Jiji”, in which Tanjiro enlists in the Demon Slayer and confronts various blood demons, to “Infinite Train”, in which he joins the rosary Rengoku Kyojuro to carry out his mission.

You can enjoy the battle with the blood demons drawn in the anime with powerful graphics and expressions.

【Versus Mode】

Following the 12 characters who fought powerful battles in the anime “Blade of Destruction”, including Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado, the official spinoff of the anime “Knife of Destruction” “Secondary and High School Unified School!! In addition to the 6 people in the “The Story of the Ghost Academy,” players can freely combine and battle 2 characters out of 18 characters.

You can create an ideal team and enjoy battles, such as the combinations you fought together in the anime, or the combinations of dreams that were not drawn in the anime.

【Work content】 Anime “Devil’s Blade”

A TV animation based on the manga by Koyoharu Kotoge, published by Shueisha Jump Comics, with the cumulative number of issued copies exceeding 150 million with 1 to 23 original monographs. It started airing in April 2019, and this work begins with the story of a boy who was murdered by a blood demon, Tanjiro Kamado, and his younger sister Nezuko, who became a blood demon, enters the “Devil Slayer” to return to a human. , a creepy swordsmanship, and occasionally drawn comic scenes, it became a popular topic not only in Japan but also around the world.

And from October 2020, the story “Infinite Train” following the TV anime “Kamado Tanjiro Jiji” will be released as an animation for theatrical version in Japan and other parts of the world. In Japan, as of May 24, the cumulative number of visitors was about 28.66,806, and the box office revenue was 40 billion 16,942,050 yen. In addition, the cumulative number of viewers around the world including the 45 areas screened was about 41.35 million, and the total box office revenue was about 51.7 billion yen. In Japan, “TV Anime Infinite Train” will be broadcast from October 2021, and “TV Anime Street of Joy” will be broadcast from December.

【product information】

title name: The Blade of Destruction Hinokami Blood Story

platform: PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam

Available as a download version only, except for PS4™ and PS5™

release date: On sale (released on October 14, 2021 / on Steam® on October 16, 2021)

language: Korean subtitles/Japanese, English audio

genre: ghost war action

number of players: 1-2 people (online correspondence)

sale: SEGA Co., Ltd.

dog development: CyberConnect2


Usage level: 15 years old

right notation: ©Koyoharu Gotoge / SHUEISHA, Aniplex, ufotable


official website: https://asia.sega.com/kimetsu_hinokami/kr/

Asian portal site: https://asia.sega.com/kr/

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/segapk

Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/segapk/

SEGA ASIA BLOG: https://asiablog.sega.com/?lang=ko

A subscription to PlayStation®Plus (paid) or Xbox Live Gold (paid) is required to enjoy online play in Versus Mode.

In order to use the online function, it is necessary to apply the latest patch for the game device.

The company names and product names listed are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

Reporter Jang-won Lee [email protected]