E-car owners are happy: Charging stations will continue to receive funding

Anyone who drives an e-car has reason to be happy – those who do not yet have a concern for the future taken away: The government has launched a new funding program for the expansion of the charging infrastructure. Things will be different there than before, but consumers should still benefit.

More money for e-cars: Funding for charging stations at work started

Anyone who, as an e-car driver or someone who wants to become one, is concerned about the charging infrastructure is not alone in this, as a current ADAC survey confirms. But the latest plans of the federal government, which is still in office, give reason to breathe a sigh of relief: You can now feel at home there new funding program launched.

At KfW, the federal development bank, 350 million euros are now available for this. But: Private individuals cannot apply for funding this time. Instead, it is the turn of companies and municipalities, and non-profit associations can also secure funding for the further development of the charging infrastructure.

The condition is that the charging stations or pillars are not publicly accessible. This is why KfW also addresses municipal companies directly, including municipal utilities, for example. However, you are explicitly allowed to use the subsidized charging stations Company cars and private electric vehicles can be charged.

70 percent of the acquisition costs are funded, up to a maximum of 900 euros per charging point, as before with the funding for private wallboxes, which has now ended. In contrast to this, charging stations with an output of up to 22 kW and intelligent control are eligible for funding. KfW provides a list of the devices eligible for funding online (at KfW). In addition, the electricity used to charge the e-cars at the subsidized charging stations must come entirely from renewable energies (source: daily News).

All e-car drivers benefit from the funding program

However, you can benefit from the new funding program practically all owners of an e-car benefit. With more charging stations at companies, the e-car drivers are better distributed, especially at peak times it would make this much easier in some places. Especially since most of the charging processes take place at work or at home anyway.

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However, this is also taken into account in the funding guidelines Self-employed. In their entrepreneurial activity, they are also entitled as individuals to apply for funding if the charging station is not accessible to everyone.