Saturday, November 27

Elden Ring lacks courage – but we argue about which courage exactly

Elden Ring has a very atmospheric open world, but we also criticize it.

Elden Ring is an excellent argument. At least that’s what we noticed when we tried From Software’s (Dark Souls) upcoming open world role-playing game.

Elena, Mary and Micha stumbled across very different points of criticism: the open world, the story or even the fact that Elden Ring doesn’t have to be a role-play at all.

We discuss our points of view in the podcast. Elena’s criticism of the open world, for example, may not be shared by Mary, whose joy over the multiplayer news brings Micha to the palm of the earth.

Basically we complain at a high level, we had fun with Elden Ring, so much fun that after the end of the demo (or on its invisible walls) we would have loved to continue playing.

Ultimately, however, we also have to realize that Elden Ring, with all its qualities, ultimately lacks a little courage. Only where this courage is lacking do our opinions differ.

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