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Epic Games buys Harmonix – and only because of Fortnite!

The background music for the third-person shooter Fortnite should be expanded even further. That has Epic Games with the purchase of the Harmonix developer studios made clear. Financial details for the acquisition of the studio have not yet been released.

The American studio Harmonix is ​​for titles like Rock Bandwho have favourited early Guitar Heros or his latest game Fuser known. The studio affirmed in an FAQ, that all games published so far will continue to be supported. The same applies to the planned ones Fuser-Events and the new one Rock-Band-DLC. These should be published in the regular way.

Fortnite and Concerts – A Success Story

Fortnite has done in the past several concerts hosted. Also took part well-known artists how Ariana Grande or Travis Scott part. Alone reached the Travis concert 27.7 million viewers. However, the players don’t just stand rigidly in front of the stage and dance. Rather, every single viewer is tried actively involved.

This concept was particularly evident in Travis Scott concertinstead of standing on a stage, an oversized model of the artist ran across the map. During the ten-minute show, players changed venues several times. From an excursion in Underwater worlds to an impressive one Flight through space the concert had everything to offer.

Epic Games has already bought several studios in the past. Including the Rocket-League-Developer Psyonix and the Fall-Guys-Studio Mediatonic.

That’s why Epic bought Harmonix

Harmonix himself says in the common Press release:

“Our team will work with Epic on musical journeys and game mechanics for Fortnite. We’re not ready to reveal the details yet, but the entire team is looking forward to working together.”

While this statement doesn’t reveal much, the intent of the is clear. Already has been in the past Fortnite again and again as Example of a “metaverse” called. The metaverse is intended to represent the virtual future in which we all meet and spend our time together.

In doing so, virtual worlds are to be linked with the classic Internet and elements from the real world. That is exactly what Fortnite is trying to do with the concerts. With the purchase of Harmonix, Epic is clearly committed to pursuing this vision.

However, one is not alone with the idea of ​​building a metaverse. Because even Meta, formerly Facebook, has the vision to create such a construct.

Those: Harmonixmusic

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