Saturday, November 27

Former Chairman Jae-Hong Lee, Founded ‘Korea Game Policy Forum’

▲ Lee Jae-hong, former chairman of the Game Management Committee

Lee Jae-hong, former chairman of the Game Management Committee, establishes the ‘Korea Game Policy Forum’. The main purpose of the forum is to present the development direction of the game industry and the government’s game industry promotion policy and strategic plan.

The forum’s founding ceremony will be held on December 17th at Soongsil University. On this day, the forum will hold a seminar under the theme of ‘With Corona, a policy for the re-jumping of the game industry’. Soongsil University Content Policy Research Institute hosts the founding seminar.

Former Chairman Jae-Hong Lee will serve as the forum’s representative. Former Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yoo Jin-ryong will join as advisor. The forum has experts from the National Assembly, public institutions, academia, industry, and media as advisors.

The forum operates divisions. The divisions are divided into industry support division, production capacity reinforcement division, culture division, legal system division, manpower training division, and e-sports activation division. Each division is by genre (storytelling, planning, graphics, programming, music), by platform (PC, arcade, console, mobile, e-learning), net function (functional game, game over-immersion prevention treatment, game art), fusion (game+) Humanities/Game+Psychology/Game+Legal system/Culture+Policy) is studied.

Former Chairman Lee Jae-hong said, “The game industry has become an entertainment tool that can be enjoyed at home amid the prolonged social distancing due to COVID-19. We want to provide an opportunity to listen to various opinions on the policy direction,” he said.

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