‘Fortress M’ Homecoming, a full-fledged global advance with its own service

game Development and service Enterprise ccr content tree(representative Im Jong-hwan)go developed popularity mobile shooting gamefortressM’this existing publisher Fang Sky business right return and transfer through 2021year 11month 19Work Jaro service Escalation The work completion, Release 3after over a year developer’s into the arms come back done. Thereby ccr content tree fortressMsecond publishing not itself by service switch new season to start done.

fortressMsilver 2000years candle nation was a gamefortressknowledge property rights(IP)second utilized mobile platform it’s a game. real time matching and synchronization in a way 3for years service in progress, steady Love is got it.

ccr content tree Im Jong-hwan the representative fortress Formula Youtube channel my interview in the videofortressM service Escalation after infinite tower, skin&costume, boss raid etc gun 9branchy Development make a plan try to realize doasglobal service through Overseas with users Daejeon unfold in the form service I will growgo revealed bar have.

In addition this year candle GSretail by host proceeded ‘GS25fortress championshipto FollowingMy2episode fortress championship Competitionheld foreshadowing etc also in service fast walk see have.

ccr content tree the person in chargebusiness right return and service assignment conclusion contract back all 10from the month virtually legitimate itself service startedasDevelopment·service unification through every day accessor number is 20% more, sales are 150% more growing up havego said.

fortressof father seed Yoon Seok-ho the representativeso far publishing contract through 3year During been together to partners thanks greeting tellasfortress IPgo until now 23year serviced as if Forward 2ship, 3double hour During to last global hit as content I will makeIs will exposed.

Meanwhile ccr content tree 2022year 1month the Asian region main to the market start Jeon to the world global with one build to serve target presented. fortressMof game information and service to transfer About Detailed contents is fortress Formula in the community identify Number have.

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