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Gamevil to apply ‘Hive’ SDK to blockchain games from the first quarter of next year

Data provided – Gamevil

Gamevil (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 24th that it has entered the final stage of building a blockchain ecosystem by acquiring a specialized company with core blockchain technology capabilities and reorganizing the game production division into an organization specialized in blockchain game production.

This year, Gamevil took over ‘Xenaad’, a company specializing in virtual asset platforms, and internalized it as an employee of the development department. These personnel have a wealth of experience in building blockchain exchanges, and have proven their high-level development capabilities in related fields, such as developing a blockchain-based reward system for digital advertising.

Gamevil completes the electronic wallet and smart contract technology of the NFT exchange through this block chain technology know-how, while also creating synergy by combining the block chain-based advertising solution with HIVE, which is evolving into a block chain game platform. will create

A major reorganization was also carried out to build an independent global blockchain ecosystem. The Game Production Headquarters has been reorganized into an organization optimized for blockchain game development and creation of a blockchain ecosystem. In addition to the production room for blockchain game production and token system (C2X) construction, an economic operation room was newly established.

The department is responsible for designing and maintaining the blockchain economy stably, sharing profits with users, and is expected to play a key role in the continuously growing blockchain ecosystem.

‘Hive’, which aims to be a global blockchain open platform, improves the blockchain game development environment of global game companies through sophistication, and is upgraded to a platform that can support a convenient NFT transaction environment. Under the subsidiary Gamevil Com2uS Platform, specialized blockchain development organizations have been organized to speed up the construction of NFT exchanges.

Gamevil’s NFT Exchange will open in the first quarter of next year to trade K-pop artists’ performance videos and pictorials, as well as the transaction infrastructure required for P2E games. We plan to further expand the area.

From the first quarter of next year, the ‘Hive’ SDK will be applied to blockchain games and released in the global market. Starting with ‘Chromatic Soul: AFK Raid’, a collectible RPG developed by Gamevil, at least 10 games are being prepared. In particular, Com2uS’ global hit IP, MMORPG based on the worldview of Summoners War, ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’ has also been released as a block chain game, heralding a change in the global block chain game market.

Meanwhile, Gamevil is the second-largest shareholder of ‘Coin One’, one of the three largest virtual asset exchanges in Korea, and has important core competencies in building a blockchain ecosystem. We are working on a project to create a blockchain ecosystem through

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