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GPU deliveries: Nvidia with plus, AMD with minus in Q3 2021

The graphics card crisis continues, so that gamers – regardless of whether they have high demands on the graphics and FPS values ​​or are just looking for a graphics card to get started – currently have to pay massive surcharges if they are faced with the situation from before Year compares.

Graphics cards: the market in the third quarter of 2021

The prices of graphics cards that have been released since September 2020 are, on average, more than twice the price recommendation that was issued at the time of the release. That US magazine PC Gamer now reportsthat the market researchers at Jon Peddie Research have found out quite a bit about the market shares of Nvidia and AMD graphics cards sold in the third quarter of 2021 in their current analysis, but Intel is also involved.

This has to do with the fact that integrated graphics units are included in the overall market analysis and not just dedicated graphics cards. Intel lost a good 6 percent in market share, AMD had a plus of 1.4 percent, and Nvidia almost 4.9 percent.

In terms of market shares, Intel is way ahead with 62 percent – this has to do with the fact that many laptops, but also some ready-made PCs, only use Intel’s CPU-internal graphics. Despite the fact that there are AMD CPUs with an integrated graphics unit, AMD has a total market share of only 18 percent, while Nvidia, on the other hand, made it to 20 percent even without its own CPUs.

Overall, however, the GPU shipments fell, by about 18 percent. Intel has delivered over 25 percent fewer CPUs with IGP, AMD comes to a minus of over 11 percent, but was able to increase the above-mentioned 1.4 percent in terms of market shares, because Intel has the significantly larger minus in terms of deliveries. But Nvidia even increased by 8 percent.

If you only look at the dedicated graphics cards, AMD has a 17 percent market share in the third quarter of 2021, while Nvidia has 83 percent market share. However, it is not clear how large the proportion of gaming graphics cards is.

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