Halo Infinite: Why Loving the New Event is Nearly Impossible

If you want to punish as a cool samurai in Halo Infinite, you have to take on regular grinds.

Samurais in Halo Infinite are a really cool sight! If we can also win the neat armor for free, we should all be happy, right? Unfortunately it’s not that easy. That’s why there is now thick air in the Free2Play multiplayer community – because of the way in which players have to earn the free goodies.

on Reddit and Co., fans passionately discuss the pros and cons of the progression system that is active at the Tenrai event in Halo Infinite. Players advance in a free, special Event Battle Pass and unlock the skins through it. However, the system has a big catch, or a lid:

For one, players only advance by completing special event challenges. On the other hand, the challenges are capped so that it is not possible to complete them all in one go. In order to really unlock all content from the Battle Pass, players have to play diligently on one of the other five opportunities. The Tenrai event returns several times during Season 1. In plain language: Regular grind is essential.

Shooter friends, don’t let Halo Infinite slip your head! Our editor Elena passionately advocates this. The classic arena shooter has become an extremely entertaining game.