How can you create web stickers in WhatsApp?

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Chats in WhatsApp can be embellished and made more entertaining with stickers. The smartphone app has had a function for creating your own motifs for a long time. Those who prefer to work with the mouse can also create stickers on WhatsApp Web in the browser on their PC.


The tool for creating stickers for WhatsApp was not part of the functionality of the browser version for a long time, but has now been submitted in Messenger. GIGA explains how you find the option and what you should consider when creating your own stickers in WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web: Create your own stickers on the PC

How to find and use the “Sticker Maker” in WhatsApp Web:

  1. Open WhatsApp in your browser and log in with your account.
  2. Opens a chat conversation in which you want to insert the new sticker.
  3. Press that Paper clip icon and then on the blue “sticker” symbol.
  4. Explorer opens. Look for the Image file from your hard drive that you want to use for the WhatsApp sticker.
  5. Of the Sticker-Generator opens. Edit the picture according to your wishes. For example, you can cut the picture to size, rotate it, insert additional text, integrate additional stickers or incorporate smileys.
  6. Then press the green and white paper airplane at the bottom rightto send the result in chat.

The created image now lands on your counterpart. If you want to use the same sticker several times, press the right click on the entry in the chat history. You can copy the sticker picture and paste it into a new WhatsApp chat, for example. Alternatively, you insert the picture in an image processing program such as Paint.NET and save it. In the future, you can quickly send the sticker again via WhatsApp Web. In the desktop apps, the sticker function should be submitted promptly.

Transfer stickers from WhatsApp Web to your mobile phone

You can also transfer your stickers created in WhatsApp Web to the app on your smartphone and use them on your Android device or iPhone in the future:

  1. Calls in WhatsApp on the phone just chat in which you have previously sent the sticker with WhatsApp Web.
  2. Is typing once on the picture.
  3. Then you choose “Add to favorites“.
  4. The sticker will now become yours Sticker-Set in WhatsApp added.

If you later call up the menu for sending stickers in WhatsApp, you will find the design you have created here.

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