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Iya Games Launches Official Service for Mobile Management Simulation ‘Jaebak Sanghoe’ | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– ‘Jackpots’ official service started through Google Play, One Store, and Apple App Store

– A management simulation game that allows you to have fun while managing various industries yourself

– Prepare a gift for all users to commemorate the official launch

IYAGAMES announced on the 24th that it will start the official service of its classic mobile management simulation game ‘Daebak Sanghoe’.

‘Daebak Sanghoe’, which was officially released today, is a business simulation game based on cartoon graphics. Users can enjoy the game with the goal of various commercial development in a background that transcends time and space by combining classic materials. In the game, 10 types of industries such as shops, restaurants, and drugstores can be grown from the initial stage, and based on this, you can exert influence by expanding on a global scale.

In addition to this, you can meet a strong literary visitor or a cute god, or form a family by making the fruit of love, and you can also enjoy the fun of expanding your relationship, such as raising children. In particular, the greatest attraction is the exquisite blend of classic commercial elements with the management simulation genre. As such factors drew attention, many pre-orders were gathered before the release.

In commemoration of the official launch, ‘Jaebak Sanghoe’ pays all users the abundant in-game items promised in the pre-order achievement event, and also provides various items to users who actually participated in the pre-order. In addition, by the 9th of next month, the official cafe is planning to open the gift package while holding an event to greet members and achieve the number of cafe members.

‘Jackpot Shop’ is scheduled to be serviced through Google Play, One Store, and Apple App Store, and more details about the game and pre-booking can be found on the official cafe and pre-reservation page.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]

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