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JRR Token: Lord of the Rings heirs smash cryptocurrency, but NFTs are still there

A few months ago the JRR Token started a project in which the initiators Cryptocurrency wanted to bring to the start, which strongly refer to Lord of the Rings from J.R.R. Tolkien oriented. The creators even managed to get Billy Boyd (Pippin), one of the actors of the time, in front of the camera for a promotional video.

Lord of the Rings heirs stop the crypto project

Not surprisingly Tolkien Estate a complaint against the JRR Token to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Filed one day after the currency went on sale. Although the lawyers of the crypto makers tried to find a few arguments why the JRR token must remain, they failed.

Among other things, one wanted to convince the WIPO panel that the words “Tolkien” and “Token” are different and therefore there would be no connection. Various allusions to it Lord of the rings on their own website didn’t make the argument any better. The Tolkien Estate won and the JRR token is – at least almost – history.

JRR Token NFTs can still be found on the Internet

Completely unnamed in the Tolkien Estate’s lawsuit are those JRR Token NFTscurrently in the form of a OpenSea collection can be found on the net. And here, too, those responsible make no secret of the fact that their works were inspired by Lord of the Rings. It shouldn’t be long before the Tolkien Estate intervenes here too.

Why weren’t the JRR Token NFTs part of the lawsuit?

The makers of the NFTs apparently didn’t have the works until 1. September 2021 offered or transferred to another account. The Tolkien Estate’s lawsuit was also filed on that day and therefore no longer included the NFTs from JRR Token.

via The Verge

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