King’s Raid, a growth-type event ‘Raising a Little World Tree’

Materials provided – Vespa

In the mobile RPG ‘King’s Raid’ developed and serviced by Vespa (CEO Jinsoo Kim), a special growth event ‘Raising a Little World Tree’ will be held.

‘Raising a Little World Tree’, designed with the purpose of praying for peace in the Kingdom of Orbelia, is a special event in which ‘King’s Raid’ users gather their strength to raise a ‘Little World Tree’. Anyone can participate by using ‘Clean Energy’.

When the individual mission consisting of a total of 6 stages is accomplished, various items to support the growth of the hero, such as ‘God’s Protection’, ‘Legendary Radar Egg’, and ‘Event Artifact Option’, are provided. You can receive additional rewards through ‘.

In addition, a mass refund event will be held in which ‘Ruby’ is returned to users who have consumed 30,000 or more ‘Ruby’ within a specific period. It counts the amount of ‘Ruby’ consumed between July 6, 2020 and October 26, 2021 and supports a refund of up to 30,000 ‘Ruby’, and all users who signed up after October 27, 2021 give 10,000 ‘Ruby’.

In addition, new Christmas costumes for 8 heroes including Scarlett, Arc, Ophelia, and Estelle were introduced. Among them, the costume of the hero ‘Estelle’, who took first place in this month’s costume voting event, will be paid 100% to all users by the 7th of next month.

At the same time, Vespa implemented a renewal update of the ‘Radar’ system to further expand the growth and adventure of ‘King’s Raid’.

First, the number of registrations of ‘incubators’ was expanded to three so that various types of ‘radars’ could be recruited, and an ‘egg system’ was introduced that incubates ‘radars’ at regular intervals. In addition, it improves convenience by shortening the feeding time, and supports item acquisition by adding a ‘exploration’ function that pays rewards according to the exploration area.

Details of the ‘Raising a Little World Tree’ event held at ‘King’s Raid’ and the renewed radar system can be found on the official cafe and brand page.