Kinoverband: Sharply criticizes new corona rules

the Coronavirus-Pandemic is back and hits Germany with full force in the form of the fourth wave. Politics has tougher again measures taken to contain the virus – and again the already hard hit Kinobranche affected.

The German cinema association HDF (Main Association of German Film Theaters) has therefore sharply criticized the newly enacted Corona rules and outlines a gloomy scenario for German cinemas: “May mean the end for many cinemas,” it says in a statement.

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What is the cinema industry demanding?

Published online The HDF calls for a statement “Uniform regulations and sharply criticizes the unequal treatment of culture and gastronomy.” There it says: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, the industry has proven time and again how safe cinema is.”

According to the association, cinemas are safe

“The cinemas have been very high in the past few months Sense of responsibility and the ability to design the cinema as a safe place has been proven several times, “argues the HDF.

Further: “It is incomprehensible that cinemas and cultural institutions in particular are only allowed to open in some countries under compliance with very high requirements or completely closed will.”

No “lockdown through the back door”

Christine Berg, CEO of the HDF, calls nationwide uniform regulations regarding 2G. That means: access only for persons who have been proven to have recovered and who have been vaccinated. According to Berg, the 2G Plus rule, i.e. access only for those who have recovered and who have been vaccinated with an additional current negative corona test, is a “Lockdown through the back door“.

“Final end for many cinemas”

“Another lockdown could mean the final end for many cinemas”, is the conclusion of the HDF. In the statement, the association calls for more planning security through uniform rules in all federal states, the waiver of the 2G-Plus regulation and the equal treatment of leisure activities of all kinds.

Those: HDF statement

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