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Korea Gamification Research Institute, ‘The 1st International Gamification Conference’ held on the 16th

Data provided – Korea Gamification Research Institute

The Korea Gamification Research Institute (CEO Seok Joo-won) will hold the ‘The 1st International Gamification Conference (2021 Gamification Talk)’ at the Yajugae Hall of the Seoul Museum of History and Culture for two days from December 16th to 17th.

This event, sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and hosted by the Gamification Journal, under the theme of ‘Industry, Become a Game’, is a gathering of overseas gamification business representatives and domestic experts in each field to share information about gamification and to share information about gamification. We will share our opinions.

The event begins with the opening remarks of Jintaek Jeong, Dean of the Graduate School of Knowledge Services & Consulting at Hansung University, and a congratulatory speech by Dosik Kim, Deputy Mayor of Government Administration, Seoul. On the first day (16th), David Szilagyi (CEO of ‘Benchmark.games’ in Hungary)’s ‘Scientific Recruitment and Evolution of Human Resources Management through Gamification’ ▲Ilias Vartholomaios (CEO of ‘Owiwi’ in Greece) ‘Introduction to Gamification’ ‘, will be presented by representatives of overseas game companies.

In the following two sessions, a total of 8 experts will present domestic gamification cases. In Session 1, ▲ ‘Metaverse Investment Briefing Using Metaverse’ by Yuanta Securities Manager Kyu-bae Kim, ▲ ‘Metaverse and the direction of gamification’ by Choi Jeong-hwan, Vice President of SKONC Entertainment, ▲ ‘Metaverse’, ‘Metaverse’, Evangelism Team Leader, Unity Korea ‘Changes to ‘ ▲Professor Jae-Hong Lee of Soongsil University’s ‘Gamification in the Metaverse Era’ deals with the topic of ‘Metaverse and Gamification’, which has recently been attracting attention.

In Session 2, ▲ ‘Gamification of SI’ by Yu-hyeon Kim, expert member of Dongyang Systems ▲ ‘Gamification of Finance’ by Star Element D. Lee, ▲ ‘Eco-friendly behavioral motivation through gamification’, Kim Su-mi, digital strategy team leader, SK Ecoplant ▲Examine the cases of gamification that have been expanded to various fields through the theme of ‘Psychologically viewed rewards and meanings’ by Jang-Joo Lee, director of the Irak Digital Culture Research Institute.

The second day (17th) started with a greeting from Joo-Won Seok, director of the Korea Gamification Research Institute, ▲Bart Hufen (CEO of ‘BrandNewGame’, Netherlands) ‘Evolution of branding and marketing management through gamification’ ▲Albert van der Meer (Netherlands) ‘aeStranger’ CEO), under the theme of ‘Involvement of potential customers through gamification’, a presentation on overseas cases in the Netherlands will be held.

In Session 1, domestic gamification-related cases were the subject of ▲ ‘Games and Social Culture’ by Lee Jae-young, CEO of RPG Republic ▲ ‘Metaverse and Cloud’ by Hwang Jae-soon, Director of Megazone Cloud ▲ ‘Gamification and Metaverse’ by Kyungmin University Vice President Hong Ji-yeon ▲ The presentation on ‘Academy gamification’ by Park Seong-jae, director of M9 Academy, will be held.

Next, in Session 2, ▲ ‘Gamification using online game level design’ by Webzen Senior Noh Young-ho ▲ ‘Gamification and AI Workload’ by Jeong Tae-wook, Executive Vice President of Intel Korea ▲ ‘Platform that makes imagination a reality’ by Utplus Interactive CEO Tae-yeon Yoo ▲Pattern Labs CEO Il-gyeom Kim’s ‘Necessity and Approach to Human-Centered Gamification’ will be shared with the expansion of gamification.

Joo-won Seok, CEO of the Korea Gamification Research Institute, which hosts this event, said, “I am delighted to introduce successful cases of gamification overseas and to provide a place for experts from various industries in Korea to share information and discuss.” He said, “I hope this conference will increase interest in gamification and serve as an opportunity to change perceptions.”

On the other hand, in accordance with the Corona 19 quarantine rules, this event observes the guidelines for wearing a mask and social distancing in the venue, and only 50 people can attend the site. This event, which is also held online, can be participated in real time through ‘Gamification Talk Official YouTube’.

Pre-registration for this event and more details can be found on the official website.


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