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‘Legend of Mir 2: MOM’ with Kim Seong-joo and Ahn Jung-hwan, pre-order event begins

Global publishing game company icebird games(IceBird Games)’is a mobile company developed and serviced by RPG ‘the legend of mir2: Memories of Mir(Here is the legend of Mir2: MOM)’recently started a pre-order event of, coming 12It was announced today that it will continue until the official service scheduled for May..

the legend of mir2: MOMUsers who wish to participate in the pre-reservation event of(https://mir2mom.icebirdgame.com/activities/jzzx-sub-dyr/?channel=newspr) Or from the Google Store and Apple App Store. the legend of mir2: MemoriesYou can apply on the game-only page that can be checked by searching for.

Google Play on a dedicated page(Google Play)and the Apple App Store(App Store) Check the mobile device you are using and enter your mobile phone number to complete the entire process., the company side Instant Book Legend titles to all users who completed the button click king of mirand the treasure hunt key 5dog, 100million gold bullion 8dog, 2,000Wonbo 5We present a variety of items such as dogs.

At the same time, a lucky roulette lottery will be held.. You can play roulette on the spot just by participating in advance reservations. 1opportunity is given, In the winning prize Lv.4 mixed stone package, 1,00010,000 express gold bars, In-game items such as Intermediate Gumaryeong and Google Gift Cards(1Ten thousand won), Iphone13 Pro, GalaxyWITH fold3 In-kind goods of great value were also included..

the legend of mir2: MOMservice this year 20celebrated the anniversary 2D classic RPGpronoun of the legend of mir2’It is a game in which the emotions of. free field PK(Player Killing)War content that unfolds fiercely centered on, A large-scale boss battle in which the cooperation between the party and the member of the clan is essential to attack., And the core content representing the game, such as free trade, was fully implemented..

In addition, the legend of the classic Mir2Traveling to and from the Mapa Continent, the worldview of, Strengthening and refining the equipment acquired from the character’s biography, which is divided into three occupations, such as a swordsman., fusion, smelting, Equipped with soul stone, You can enjoy the joy of nurturing based on an extensive reinforcement system such as reincarnation..

In addition, we pursue competition between servers through matching content., For users, it also presents a clear goal and purpose that encourages growth as the character development progresses one by one.. Especially, When using a skill, it supports a vivid sense of hit that matches the character’s characteristics and allows you to be more immersed in the game world..

More than anything 5with over one billion members original Korean wave gameto the number of simultaneous Chinese users worldwide 80The legend of Mir was so popular that 10,000 people recorded it in the Guinness Book of Records.2 IP(intellectual property rights) Copyright sign the official license Wemade Co., Ltd.The game is licensed by.

Icebird Games official the legend of mir 2: MOMis a classic Mir legend that achieved unprecedented results in the Korean and Chinese game markets. 2It can be said that it is the mobile game itself in which the core contents ofto introduce “2021The game graphics have been re-adapted to fit the mobile environment introduced in 2018., A lot of work has been put into expanding the unique gameplay to the next level.. As the best distinguished player after a soccer game MOM(Man of The Match)as if selecting, The legend of Mir in the future2: MOMWe plan to focus on informing as many users as possible to establish this as the most popular mobile game..”explained.

Meanwhile, Icebird Games said the legend of Mir2: MOMAs an official publicity model for the game to actively inform users of ‘2002 Korea-Japan World Cup 4river myth Ahn Jung-hwan, who is active as a main character and broadcaster, has been selected..

Regarding the selection of models Kim Seong-joo and Ahn Jung-hwan, the company said the legend of Mir.2 When the official service started 2002year is the world cup korea 4It was a historic year of writing the river myth., to this year 20The legend of Mir celebrates its anniversary 2 He added that he hired former soccer player Ahn Jung-hwan, the protagonist of the World Cup myth, and Kim Seong-joo, who is gaining a lot of support as a broadcaster and caster, in a hope for the creation of a myth..

the legend of mir2: MOMKim Seong-joo and Ahn Jung-hwan, who were selected as the official PR models for PC A making and promotion video that appeals to the reproduction of the original in high quality in a mobile environment, I am concentrating on photography., filmed TVC Branding advertisements on airwaves and cables, And it will be aired through various channels such as YouTube..

the legend of mir2: MOMFor more information on pre-order events and games, game official cafe(https://cafe.naver.com/mir2mom)’can be checked through.

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