Tuesday, November 30

Legislator Lee proposes a law to distinguish between general games and arcade games

▲ Member of Parliament

Representative Lee Yong of People’s Power proposed an amendment to divide the legal meaning of ‘game’ into ‘arcade game’ and ‘non-arcade game’.

On the 24th, an official from the House of Representatives’ Office said, “Games are not only viewed as a means of leisure and entertainment, but are in a situation where their value as a unique cultural and industrial area is increasing day by day.” Even though the environment and usage environment have changed significantly, the current law is being criticized for not properly reflecting these changes.”

He added, “In particular, the concept of game products does not distinguish between traditional arcade game products (specific place-type games) and non-arcade game products (digital games), so there is a limit in that the irrational and excessive regulatory system is comprehensively applied to the entire game area.” .

In fact, according to the current Game Industry Act, a game is defined as ‘a game product is a video product or video product produced to enable entertainment using information processing technology such as computer programs or mechanical devices, or to enhance the effects of leisure activities, learning and exercise, etc. It refers only to devices and devices manufactured for the main purpose of using the video material. Only some of the double speculative game products are excluded.

The amendment bill of lawmaker Lee categorizes games into ‘special place type games’ and ‘digital games’. ‘Digital games’ include mobile MMORPGs, console games, and Steam download games that are generally enjoyed. If the law is passed, there will be an advantage that the regulation that was implemented for ‘games in a specific place’ does not apply to ‘digital games’.

In addition, Assemblyman Lee Yong stated that in the amendment, ‘The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism may provide the necessary funds to small and medium-sized game-related business operators prescribed by Presidential Decree in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the game industry and promote the development, production, distribution and provision of excellent games’. added It has the effect of clarifying the support policy contained in the current law.

“The purpose of this amendment is to create a foundation for the game industry based on the autonomy and creativity of games,” said an official from the House of Representatives Lee’s office. It is expected that this will serve as an opportunity to come up with reasonable regulatory measures for

He continued, “We expect the game industry to actively respond to changes and develop further based on autonomy and creativity by reinforcing follow-up supervision rather than pre-regulation of requirements,” he said. For development, we expect that the protection of actual game users will be strengthened by encouraging self-regulation based on active cooperation and participation of game players and establishing a dispute mediation organization.”


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