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Lost Ark, ‘Loa on Winter’ announced on December 18th

Smilegate RPG (CEO Jiwon Ji-gil) opened the information page of ‘LOA ON WINTER’, an online adventurer festival of Lost Ark on the 24th, and released the event schedule and adventurer participation event.

The ‘Roa on Winter’ festival, which reveals the update roadmap of next year’s Lost Ark and communicates with adventurers, will be broadcast live online through Lost Ark’s official YouTube channel from 2 pm on Saturday, December 18th. In order to meet more adventurers in real time, this ‘Roa on Winter’ will be held in an ‘ONTACT’ method in which a total of 100 people participate through video chat.

On the ‘Roa on Winter’ information page that was opened today, you can check various events with adventurers, such as ▲Online application, ▲Pre-question registration, ▲Story & congratulations application, ▲Praise my own tall, tall Mococo.

Adventurers who want to participate in the various programs prepared for the 2021 Lost Ark Winter Festival can apply for ‘Online Rust through the ‘Roa on Winter’ information page before the regular inspection on December 1 (Wed). 100 applicants will be selected and given a ‘Loa On Winter Special Kit’ containing a small gift and props necessary to participate in the ‘Loa On Winter’ event.

Prior to ‘Roa on Winter’, ‘pre-question registration’ will also start. You can participate through the information page until the regular maintenance on December 1 (Wed), and you can inquire about Lost Arc by category. Any adventurer who has a character who has achieved battle level 50 can participate in the pre-question registration, and the registered questions will be revealed through the Q&A corner on the day of the festival.

In addition, the special event ‘Story & Congratulatory Application’ to celebrate the holding of ‘Roa on Winter’ awaits users. You can participate by submitting an interesting story related to Lost Ark or by making a celebration. Participation is possible until the regular inspection on December 1 (Wednesday), and 50 participants will be selected by lot to receive ‘4 SD Figures’ and ‘Mococo Goods Set’ as gifts. In addition, we plan to fill this ‘Roa on Winter’ with the warm stories of adventurers through the ‘I commend Mococo my own tall legs’ event, which praises adventurers who wanted to express their gratitude.

The news about the 2021 Lost Ark Winter Festival ‘Loa on Winter’ can be found more quickly through the Lost Ark’s official YouTube channel and official KakaoTalk channel subscription.

On the other hand, Smilegate RPG has been actively communicating with adventurers, starting with the first adventurer festival ‘Luteran New Year’s Thanksgiving’, and the summer update preview ‘LOA ON mini’ held in June is simultaneously released. It also surpassed 190,000 viewers and received a great response from adventurers.

Smilegate RPG CEO Jiwon Ji-gil said, “I hope it will be a meaningful time to communicate with the adventurers about the road Lost Ark has walked for three years and the roadmap to move forward.” I will do my best to prepare for it.”

For more information about Lost Ark, please visit the Lost Ark official website.

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