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Mass Effect: Amazon Prime is interested in series production

Do you still remember the planned Mass Effect film? In 2010 Legendary Pictures had acquired the richness of the film in the SciFi universe and wanted to bring the adventures of Commander Shepard to the big screen. As is well known, nothing has come of this to this day and probably will no longer be. As one of the reasons for the failure of the project, Mass Effect author Mac Walters cited the difficulty of packing a story that does justice to the universe within 90 to 120 minutes. You wouldn’t have this problem with a series. And so it is not surprising that persistent rumors about a serial production of the popular material persist.

Only in the summer of this year was a Netflix production under discussion, which included quite specific details such as the involvement of Witcher actor Henry Cavill. The latest rumors are now coming from the corner of Amazon Prime. According to a report by the US magazine Deadline, those responsible for the streaming service want to invest in more adaptations. This should also include an implementation of Mass Effect (buy now 21,26 € /28,49 € ) be in serial format. Accordingly, the signing of a corresponding agreement would be imminent.

“We know that our global audience thirsts for upscale fantasy and shows based on popular brands,” explains Amazon Studios boss Jennifer Salke. The commitment to Mass Effect is therefore mentioned in the same breath as the new “Lord of the Rings” prequel series. Should Mass Effect be equipped with a comparable budget, fans could probably look forward to an excellent audio-visual experience. However, the plans are still nothing more than rumors. Corresponding confirmations are still pending from EA and Bioware as well as from Amazon.

Those: Deadline

Mass Effect: Amazon Prime is interested in series production. (1) [Quelle: buffed]

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