Mass Effect as TV Series: Amazon Will Make Commander Shepard a Movie

Mass Effect could become a TV series thanks to Amazon.

A movie about Mass Effect was planned for years, but it never became a reality. Now the adventures of Commander Shepard and the Normandy crew could still be filmed – with the help of Amazon in series format.

What there is currently to know about the Mass Effect series

As Deadline reports, the group is currently approaching a deal that could turn the sci-fi role-playing game from developer BioWare and publisher EA into a TV series. However, it is currently not known when the potential project will be shot and published, and who is involved in front of and behind the camera.

Why Amazon wants to film Mass Effect: According to Deadline’s report, Amazon believes that big bucks are in adaptations of well-known brands. So was the implementation of the fantasy series only recently The Wheels of Time a complete success on the in-house streaming service.

But also the series implementation of Garth Ennis’ cult comic The Boys and the success of the Netflix competition The Witcher strengthen Amazon in their plan. For the future, Amazon has already planned major adaptations – such as a TV series too Lord of the Rings and the role-playing game series Fallout.

Mass Effect series still not a sure thing: At this point in time, Electronic Arts has not yet fully approved the adaptation of Mass Effect as a TV series. The role play can therefore be filmed by Amazon – but it does not necessarily have to be. Fans should therefore always be patient until it is officially confirmed. But fans can be certain that BioWare is currently working on a new Mass Effect RPG:

What we know about Mass Effect 5 so far


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What we know about Mass Effect 5 so far

Henry Cavill and the Mass Effect Movie

Will Henry Cavill appear as Commander Shepard? In February 2021, actor Henry Cavill caused a stir in the Mass Effect fan base. The performer of Superman and witcher Geralt von Rivia teased on Instagram that he was connected to a potential Mass Effect project.

At the moment, however, it is not known whether the teaser was really intended to indicate something concrete – or whether Cavill was just joking and expressing his passion for role-playing. At the time, the avowed gamer brought up a possible adaptation of Mass Effect as a film or series, or even a role in the upcoming one Mass Effect 5.

There should already be a Mass Effect movie: Actually, a film adaptation of Mass Effect should have started in the cinemas long ago. In 2010 the film studio Legendary Picture announced an adaptation for the big screen – but disappeared in 2013.

Video game series on Netflix, Amazon and Co. trending

More and more games are becoming films and series: Should Amazon actually adapt Mass Effect as a TV series, the project would join a whole list of previous implementations. The following games, among others, are currently planned as a series:

Netflix in particular is planning to turn many, many games into TV series or films. The following article gives you an overview of 20 different video games that should end up on the streaming service according to Arcane:

Netflix: 20 games that will soon be available as a film or TV series


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Netflix: 20 games that will soon be available as a film or TV series

What do you think of the idea of ​​a potential Mass Effect series: Do you want to see Commander Shepard and the crew of Normandy filmed by Amazon? Or could you do without it? Let us know in the comments!