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Mass Effect: Sci-Fi Epic is to become a series on Amazon

After the unsuccessful attempt to produce a film adaptation for Mass Effect, Amazon now wants to try a series. The film plans of EA and Legendary Pictures couldn’t live up to the sci-fi epic, a series could accomplish this work.

Amazon is said to be working on the Mass Effect series

The idea of ​​a Mass Effect adaptation is already eleven years old. In 2010 EA, developer BioWare and the film production company Legendary Pictures announced the filming. As is well known, even after a decade there is still no Mass Effect film. The project manager of the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Mac Walters revealed the reason for this in an interview this year.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: All Keeper – localities with videos

“What story are we going to tell in 90 to 120 minutes? How do we want to do it justice? “Walters told Business Insider. A series would fit better, was Walters’ opinion at this point, and Amazon seems to share this idea. (Source: Business Insider).

With the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a new edition of the popular role-playing game series was released this year:

According to a report from Deadline, the Amazon Studios be close to closing a deal and, if successful, with the development a series based on the Mass Effect series start. (Source: Deadline). The information comes from an interview with Jennifer Salke, the director of Amazon Studios. So the project is not yet in the dry cloths, which means, even if all parties agree, there is still a long way to go to a finished series.

Henry Cavill als Commander Shepard?

If you dig a little deeper into everything related to the Mass Effect franchise, you may still remember an Instagram post from an actor Henry Cavill. The Geralt actor from the Netflix adaptation of “The Witcher” and avowed gamer posted this picture in February 2021:

With the caption “Secret project?” Cavill can be seen here in the mask on the set of “The Witcher”. In his hand he is holding a few printed pages that could quickly be identified as an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry on Mass Effect 3. With his role as Geralt von Rivia, Henry Cavill was already able to convince with the portrayal of a video game character. Maybe he could do the same with Commander Shepard.


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