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Men of War 2: World War II Strategy surprisingly gets a successor

The real-time strategy series Men of War is getting a successor: Men of War 2. Again the battles take place on different scenes of the Second World War. Developer Best Way is also committed to a historically accurate representation of weapons, vehicles and battlefields.

Men of War 2 is scheduled to open in 2022 Steam appear. There is already a first trailer with a lot of vivid gameplay, which you can watch here directly. The video should be connoisseurs of the genre in terms of many of the competitor’s strengths Company of Heroes 3 recall:

What does Men of War 2 offer?

The developers are already giving detailed information on the direction of Men of War 2 on Steam.

Single player campaigns: From the point of view of the Allied and Soviet factions, players experience two different story campaigns in which they oppose the Third Reich. War heroes also play an important role in this.

PvP and Buy Modes: Men of War 2 also has the right gameplay ready for fans of multiplayer. In competitive and cooperative modes you play against as well as with your friends.

Numerous units and vehicles: Men of War 2 wants to surpass its predecessor and enable an even wider range of tactics with three factions (Allies, Soviets and Germans), 45 battalions and over 300 vehicles. With the function Direct Control players should also be able to control and individualize each individual unit.

Large, physics-based battlefields: Rumble through buildings in tanks, shoot coverings to pieces with artillery, blow up bridges with explosives. The battlefields should feel as approachable and authentic as possible thanks to a complex physics simulation.

Mod support: Developer Best Way wants to give the hard-working coders in the community every opportunity to use mods to lend a hand on Men of War 2 in order to create their own gaming experiences.

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