Neople launches support project for children with leukemia and cancer in Jeju Island

Data provided – Neople

Neople (CEO Noh Jeong-hwan) announced on the 24th that it would sign an agreement with the Jeju Branch of the Korea Leukemia and Children’s Cancer Association (Chairman Oh Jin-taek) and implement a project to support children with leukemia and cancer in Jeju Island.

Through this child support project, Neople will provide a total of 162 million won in donations for a total of 9 children from the low-income and vulnerable groups in Jeju Island and who are subject to relapse and intensive treatment for three years from November 2021. The donations will be used for treatment expenses, transportation and lodging expenses, and auxiliary treatment expenses for the targeted child.

Noh Jeong-hwan, CEO of Neople, said, “I am very happy to be able to give even a small amount of help to sick children who are struggling with the disease.

Jintaek Oh, president of the Jeju Branch of the Korea Leukemia and Children’s Cancer Association, said, “With Neople’s warm help, children with leukemia and cancer will be able to dream of a healthy life again.

On the other hand, Neople, after relocating its office building to Jeju Island in 2015, supported children under protection through the Jeju Social Welfare Community Chest to support the savings in the Didim Seed Account, sponsored the Jeju Olle ‘CLEAN OLLE’ campaign, and paid for dormitory fees for college students graduating from an orphanage in Jeju. Various social contribution activities are being carried out for the Jeju local community, such as support, winter supplies for grandparents’ households, vehicle donations to welfare facilities for the disabled, and eco-friendly paper bag support projects.