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New World: Developers hint at winter event – what’s coming?

While the developers currently have their hands full fixing the bugs and issues in New World, it looks like they are planning a big winter event. At least one can do that current interview of colleagues from PCGamesN with Game Director Scot Lane.

What do the developers say about the winter event in New World?

An official announcement of such an event is still pending. However, Scot Lane was not completely averse to this idea in the interview and tried to answer a little evasively.

“I think seasonal events are very important for MMOs. It’s something we definitely want to do. (…) I can’t go into the details. However, I can say that winter is a great time for festivals . “

Are there any other signs of a winter event in New World?

The statements by Scot Lane therefore suggest that Amazon Game Studios has probably planned something in this regard. Incidentally, this does not come as a complete surprise. Because a few days ago Dataminers had the data from New World (buy now 39,99 €)found several references to such an event.

Among other things, there was talk of a kind of event shop and a wintry village. In addition, as part of the festival, there is supposed to be a special raw material called “Gleamite Ore” give, but so far nothing is known about its properties and uses.

All in all, it is very likely that the New World player this winter we can look forward to a first big event in the MMO. Maybe even still suitable for Christmas time works, will show.

Those: PCGamesN

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