New World down: Maintenance work and a new patch today

New World servers are down this morning. Already since 8:00 a.m. German time Amazon Game Studios has shut down the realms in order to Maintenance work perform. At the same time, the team is releasing a new patch with some changes that will become active after the server has been restarted.

How long does the maintenance work take?

The information from Amazon Game Studios the work on the New World server should take about three hours. If everything goes according to plan and without any major problems, you should around 11:00 a.m. German time be available again. However, there can be delays.

What does the new patch change for New World?

The patch released during this maintenance work should include a Problem with the ritual quest remedy. Under certain conditions it was not possible to complete this quest. There is also a general one Improvement of the client stability as well as various coin refunds. Here are the changes in the overview:

  • Fixed an issue with the ritual quest that prevented players from completing the quest if the interactive heart jewel was used prior to defeating Alastor.
  • The Harvester set has been reintroduced into the game
  • Various stability improvements.
  • Some coin refunds for specific issues

Coin Refunds

In light of the recent time skipping issues experienced by players, we are offering coin refunds to companies and players who may be affected by these issues:

  • Companies receive a one-time refund for all declarations of war made since the 1.1 update in November.
  • Companies that own territories will receive a one-time refund for all stations that have been downgraded since the 1.1 update in November.
  • Players will receive a one-time refund for house taxes paid since the November 1.1 update.

Those: Amazon Game Studios

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Maintenance work for New World will take place on November 24th – including a new patch. (2) [Quelle: Amazon Games Studio]

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