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Playstation is sued for discrimination against women

The companies that are supposed to bring us fun and joy with their video games have not smeared themselves with fame in recent years. From large publishers to developers to indie companies, especially in recent years, scandals have repeatedly surfaced that many fans would not have expected from these “dream factories”.

The greatest attention in this regard was this year Activision-Blizzard granted. We have already reported in detail about the Sexism and Discrimination Scandal with this game giant. Other big companies like Sony, Microsoft and finally also Nintendo commented on the incidents at the WOW makers and positioned themselves against such corporate cultures.

Former employee sues Sony Playstation

According to the Sony Playstation boss Jim Ryan, the Activision Blizzard news had him “dejected and stunned” made, the company is now confronted with allegations. Because on Monday a former Sony Playstation employee handed in one legal action against the company.

The ex IT security analyst Emma Majo claims in the lawsuit that she is Discriminated on the basis of their gender and wrongly terminated after speaking out about discrimination against women at the gaming giant. The lawsuit also states that she was ignored by a manager who dealt only with men and that she was passed over for promotions.

Sony Playstation allegedly discriminates against people who read women

According to Majo, Sony “discriminates against female employees and those who identify as female” in compensation and promotion, and “subjects them to a male-dominated work culture”.

She sees one in it Violation of U.S. Equal Pay Act (Equal Pay Act). Furthermore, Emma Majo has applied for court approval to file her lawsuit Class action lawsuit on behalf of all women who have worked for PlayStation over the past few years.

Sony Playstation has not yet commented on the allegations. Meanwhile, Majo points out in the indictment that Sony claims she was fired for closing an internal department, even though she said she was not part of that department.

What do you think of the allegations? Do you think there’s something to them?

Activision Blizzard – An overview of the sexism scandal

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