Tuesday, November 30

Pre-registration for Blade & Soul 2, ‘The Lord of Time’

Data provided – NCsoft

NCsoft (CEO Taek-Jin Kim, hereinafter referred to as NC)’s multi-platform MMORPG (multi-player online role-playing game) ‘Blade & Soul 2 (hereinafter referred to as Blossom 2)’ is the first large-scale update on the 24th (Tuesday), pre-ordering ‘The Ruler of Time’ started

All users can pre-order the update of ‘The Ruler of Time’ on the Blossom 2 homepage by December 7 (Tuesday). Those who pre-order will receive a ‘Yaru Hero Soul Summon Scroll’, which allows you to acquire hero-grade souls, and a ‘Yaru Shining Soul/Guard Spirit Summon Scroll’, which allows you to acquire various souls and guardian spirits.

As an additional reward, you can choose either ‘Yaru’s Gift II: Leap’, where you can get rare grade accessories, or ‘Yaru’s Gift II: Start’, which provides rare grade equipment for new users.

NC provides all users with a special update commemorative reward ‘Yaru: Blessing of Time’. Users can be rewarded with a Summon Scroll that can acquire the maximum Legend or Hero rank according to the play history of each content of Soul and Guardian Spirit. Depending on the character level, users can receive ‘Yaru’s Legendary Confirmed Costume Bag’ and ‘Yaru’s Hero Confirmed Costume Bag’.

Blossom 2 unveiled a new area ‘Haeryong Mountains’, 3 new bosses, and new hero weapons. Users can preview the map of the Haeryong Mountains and the trailer teaser video.

Users can proceed with server transfer until November 30. You can transfer characters to any server in the world by purchasing a ‘Server Transfer Ticket’ at the store (up to 3 times per account).

NC will hold the ‘Soul Mate 3’ event until December 14th. When the friend you invite to Blossom 2 completes the mission, various rewards are paid to both the inviter and the friend. Both existing and new and returning users can participate in the event.

More information can be found on the Blossom 2 official website.


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