Problems with Dragon Age 4? Creative Director leaves Bioware

Senior Creative Director Matthew Goldman has left Bioware. The creative direction of Dragon Age 4 is thus in unspecified hands. Goldman had inherited the position from Mike Laidlaw, who led the first three parts.

Dragon Age 4 Creative Director leaves

Laidlaw parted ways with Bioware when the company decided to completely restart development in 2017, with the aim of focusing on online and live service elements. After the subsequent failure of Anthem, it is not yet clear whether publisher EA and Bioware are still sticking to this strategy, or whether the character of the game has changed again under Goldman.

Goldman, who has already worked as an artist on bioware titles such as Jade Empire, Knights of the Old Republic and Dragon Age, is also leaving the company, according to an internal email from CEO Gary McKay to his team by mutual consent. In the mail (via Kotaku) it says as follows:

“Hi everyone,

I hope you are well. I am writing to inform you that Matt Goldman is leaving BioWare. We agreed to go our separate ways and today was his last day.

We understand that Matt’s departure affects you as well as the development of the game. Rest assured that our commitment to a high quality Dragon Age game has not wavered and we will not deliver a game that does not meet BioWare standards.

We, including EA’s executives, have absolute confidence that the management of the studio and the people who work on this game will carry our vision forward. “

It is difficult to say where the standards mentioned by McKay are currently at Bioware. While the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was received with a kiss from fans, Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda met with little approval at release (and beyond).

A lack of care or a prioritization of long-term monetization goals via a clear vision for gameplay and the captivating storytelling, for which BioWare is actually famous, caused frustration among the regular audience.

The fact that creative pillars such as Laidlaw, Casey Hudson and now Matthew Goldman, who has also been with the company for a long time, are leaving the company, at least does not indicate that large projects like Dragon Age 4 are developing in a clear, common direction. It is not known when the title will appear. A release before 2023 seems unlikely.

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