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Release of ‘Death Door’ on Play Store and Nintendo Switch | Ruri Web

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– The Game Awards 2021 GOTY, Indie Category Nominee Death’s Door Released on Play Store and Nintendo Switch

– Scored over 85 points on Metacritic and ranked 19th in the best PC games of 2021

– Devolver Digital is expanding its horizons to non-Steam platforms by aggressively launching indie game consoles.

‘Devolver Digital’, ‘Sincere to Indie’ and ‘Devolver Digital’, which published a number of indie nominations for this year’s The Game Awards 2021 GOTY, will be released on November 24th, Acid Nerve’s latest work, Death’s Door. ) announced the release of the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions.

This work, which depicts the adventures of the crows who collects the souls of the dead to deliver them to the underworld, stimulates players’ sense of adventure into a world armed with ingenious imagination. It is not overly scary or provocative, but rather cute and cute, and anyone can easily challenge it in the soul-like genre, where you can upgrade melee weapons, magic, and arrows, and explore a land full of secrets and residents twisted by greed for life. It also provides the play value and taste of an action RPG that went one step further from its predecessor, Titan Soul.

To commemorate the release, Special Reserve Games (https://specialreservegames.com/games/deaths-door/) through the site, you can pre-order the Art Director Fritz Olsen’s Death Door art book and physical package, limited to 1,000 copies.

As with the PC version, more details of this console version, which are provided with subtitles in Korean, can be found on the official Death Door website (including PlayStation Store and Nintendo Store)playdeathsdoor.com) and Devolver Digital Twitter.

Devolver Official Twitter @Devolverdigital

Reporter Jang-won Lee [email protected]


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