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– Awarded ‘Best Operator’ in the Global Telecom Awards for being recognized as the world’s best 5G

– Providing customized 5G hyper-connection technology to various industries and presenting a model for expanding usage

– “We will continue to introduce innovative network technology to lead the global 5G technology leadership”

SK Telecom (CEO and President Youngsang Yoo, announced that it won the ‘Best Operator’ category at the ‘Global Telecoms Awards’ held in Untact in London, UK on the 23rd (local time) for three consecutive years.

The ‘Global Telecom Award’, hosted by ‘Informa’, a global ICT research institute, is a representative award ceremony in the ICT field, which is in its ninth year this year. Selected companies that have achieved

SKT announced that the global market’s high evaluation of ‘5GX Hyper-connected Networks and Services’, a 5G network technology portfolio, led to this award.

SKT’s ‘5GX hyper-connected network and service’ refers to ‘5G network’ based on the world’s best wireless technology and ‘5G hyper-connected’ technology that is customized to various industrial areas.

To this end, SKT has developed and applied the world’s first technology to maximize data transmission speed by combining 5G and LTE, and applied quantum cryptography and MEC technology to the network infrastructure. In addition, it is leading the expansion of the 5G ecosystem with customized communication technology optimized for each service by developing intelligent traffic control and B2B service-specific functions.

SKT has presented various cases, such as smart city projects such as C-ITS in Seoul, and smart power plant demonstration projects using 5G and quantum cryptography in cooperation with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power.

Park Jong-gwan, head of infrastructure technology at SKT, said, “SKT’s ‘5GX hyper-connected network and service’ is becoming a global best practice in terms of expanding the use of 5G.” said.

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SK Telecom announced on the 23rd (local time) that it had won the ‘Best Operator’ category at the ‘Global Telecoms Awards’ held in Untact in London, UK for three consecutive years.

From left to right: SKT’s Ryoo Tak-ki, head of access development team, Choi Ki-wan, and Kim Dong-wook, manager

By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]