Sunday, November 28

SMAGE Stove, ‘Chungkang Chronicle x STOVE Indie’ online event

Materials provided – Smilegate Stove

Smilegate Stove (CEO Han Young-woon) will hold the ‘Chungkang Chronicle x STOVE Indie Online Event to support ‘Chungkang Chronicle 2021′, an online exhibition of graduates’ online works, together with the Cheonggang University of Culture and Industry (President Hwang Bong-seong) Game Contents School on the 24th. (Wed) said.

This event is the biggest event of the year of the Chungkang Cultural Industry University Game Contents School, which Stove Indie has been supporting since last year. There are a total of 11 games to be submitted this year, and the play version will be released on Stove Indie on the 30th, the start date of the main event. In addition, the Cheonggang Chronicle offline demonstration event will be held in Pangyo on the 30th and the 1st of next month.

Before the main event, Smilegate Stove will hold an event to share a page announcing the main event with a hashtag as a pre-event until the 29th. Among the users who participated in the event, 30 cultural gift certificates will be given out through a lottery. In addition, cultural gift certificates will be awarded through lottery to users who have downloaded and reviewed new works that will be released along with the main event on the 30th. Gamepads, indie game coupons, etc. are paid to users who participate in both events. If you participate in the user survey scheduled at the end of the event, 30 people will be given cultural gift certificates by lottery.

Smilegate Stove plans to hold surprise events such as live interviews with creative teams, unexpected missions, and special goods presentations during this event to create a game culture that users can enjoy together. In addition, excellent games are selected and awarded in consideration of the number of downloads, user recommendations, and reviews from users.

Stove Indie Director Yeo Seung-hwan said, “Smilegate operates several programs for creators for the healthy growth of the domestic game development environment, and we want to help prospective game creators continue their creative activities and grow.” I hope that the collaboration with the creators will be a place where the precious works of the great pre-creators can be introduced to more users and enjoyed together.”

On the other hand, Smilegate Stove aims to become an indie game platform where game creators and users get angry together, supports various creators and creative groups, and is expanding its reach further and waiting for creators to contact them.

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