So Microsoft wanted to buy Nintendo – letter with details published

It’s nothing new though Big game companies buy up other companiesto get a little bigger. Above all Microsoft is known to be on big shopping trips to go. Company like Obsidian Entertainment and inXile for example already belong to Microsoft family. That too Career network LinkedIn was bought up.

Most recently, Microsoft made the purchase of Bethesda Headlines. The Xbox manufacturer doesn’t stop there and has many more plans.

Microsoft wanted EA and Square

However, some takeover attempts did not go as Microsoft had imagined. More than 20 years ago Microsoft was preparing for the publication of their first game console before. In the company there was a fear that it not enough games would give for the first Xbox.

Some companies were contacted with takeover offers. Were among them Electronic Arts, Midway Games and Square before the merger with Enix. EA refused and in the case of Final Fantasy developer Square was the offer too low.

Nintendo laughed at Microsoft

It has long been known that Microsoft had also tried the Japanese game company Buying up Nintendo. Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda – In Microsoft’s view, games like these were a perfect match for what, in its own opinion, superior hardware of the Xbox. The then head of Xbox business development made an earlier this year Interview with Bloomberg to this topic:

“We had Nintendo in our house in January 2000 to work out the details of a joint venture where we would give them all the specs for the Xbox. The argument was that their hardware was bad, and compared to Sony’s PlayStation, it was So the idea was, ‘Look, you’re a lot better at the games, with Mario and all that stuff. Why don’t you leave the hardware to us?’ But that didn’t work. “

The exuberant offer did not make Nintendo angry. On the contrary, the Japanese interlocutors just laughed at Microsoft.

“They just laughed each other out loud”said Kevin Bachus, Microsoft’s former director of third-party relations for Xbox. “Imagine someone just laughing at you for an hour. That was roughly how the meeting went.”

Dear Nintendo …

Microsoft is not embarrassed about its past, however. To the 20th anniversary of the Xbox console the company published a letter from Vice President Rick Thompson to Nintendo of America in 1999 who released some evidence of the attempted purchase. The letter can be read in Xbox virtual museum.

The letter is only partially legible because it is covered by a huge font in the middle, but you can read enough on the pages. The letter reveals that it was written by Vice President Rick Thompson. In addition, it is mentioned who on the part of Nintendo should attend the meeting.

The longtime Nintendo-Präsident Hiroshi Yamauchi and the hardware legend Genyo Takeda participated in the negotiations with Microsoft. For example, Takeda was later responsible for the development of the innovative controller design of the Nintendo Wii, as he pushed for an innovative video game console to be created.

It was also Takeda, according to the letter concerns had to partner with Microsoft. Thompson tried in his writing to appease with phrases like: “Microsoft’s offering can help make Dolphin the best video game console”. Dolphin was the code name for that back then Gamecubewhich later did not sell as well as Nintendo had hoped.

Even if Nintendo did without the help of Microsoft at the time, they were for theirs Pioneering spirit wisely rewarded. Takeda’s drive for innovative solutions has created some of the most successful consoles on the market, the Nintendo DS, the Wii and the Switch.

If it had turned out differently, what kind of Nintendo games would we be playing on the Xbox or even the PC now?

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