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Supplied 3D virtual fitting solution ‘fx mirror’ to Segrou Fashion Design High School

domestic CG software and WITHdotVRdotXR Specialized company fxgear(FXGear, Representative Choi Kwang-jin)go Segrou Fashion Design High School 3D Virtual fitting solution ‘FX Mirror’(FXMirror)‘ has been supplied.

fxgear is a leading-edge company through the supply of fx mirrors. ITPresenting a new paradigm of creative and future-oriented fashion education using technology.

FX Mirror is a digital mirror type device., Instantly measure the body size of the user standing in front of the device 3D It is a digital virtual mirror that shows the clothes fit to the user’s body in real time.. fxgear’s original 3D The front of the costume through the costume making software, Anyone can easily make realistic pictures of the back 3D It can be quickly converted into clothes..

FX Mirror is a high-tech product designed by Segrou Design High School students. ITIt will be used to receive creative and future-oriented fashion education using technology.. Students are f(x) Mirror’s 3D Fashion designer through database creation and management software, You will understand the process of creating content from the perspective of a director user..

Segrou Fashion Design High School is the only fashion design specialized high school in the country that nurtures professionals through convergence education in fashion and design fields.. Recently, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups Key business for nurturing new technology manpowerwas finally selected for the metaverse technology 3D We are focusing on nurturing professionals who can implement fashion shows..

Choi Kwang-jin, CEO of fxgear, said, “Coronavirus19as As the demand for virtual fittings increases, the demand is increasing not only in the fashion and retail industries, but also in the education field.”, “Virtual fitting solutions are increasingly being used in more and more places., We will continue to find ways to change and develop domestic and foreign retail in the future.”.

Meanwhile, FX Mirror is currently majoring in Fashion Making at Korea Polytechnic University Textile and Fashion Campus., Anyang Technical High School Fashion Material Design Department, Daegu Yeungnam University of Science and Technology Fashion Design&Marketing, National University of Singapore Fashion Design Department, etc. 20It is being used for educational purposes in several schools and institutions..

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