The prize money of 1.5 billion ‘Shadowverse’ world championship, two Korean players advance to the finals

Cygames Korea(Representative Kouichi Watanabe)is coming 12month 19Daejeon-type online scheduled to be held on the same day CCG World Tournament of ‘Shadowverse’ Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2021Korean players on 2people advanced to the finals 23day said.

Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2021‘ was last year’s Corona19postponed to 2020It is held in conjunction with the annual competition., Participating players are Hanwha Pharmaceutical 15100 million won(1100 million 510 million yen)There will be a contest for the prize money of the.

Last 11month 13daily lesson 14came for a couple of daysThe Swiss draw qualifiers were held offline., coming 12month 19The finals will be held offline at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan..

In the preliminary round to determine who will advance to the finals, DAY1With Can Coffee, a Korean player who participated in the Silverwas eliminated because he could not show his original ability, which made many fans regretful..

DAY2in MingiGod player 1stomach, KSW player 3We won the top and made it to the finals.. a Korean player 2Those who advanced to the finals with more than one person 2017Since the World Championships started in 4It’s been a year.

coming 12month 19In the Japanese final MingiGodplayer Day1Swiss Draw from 4upper chinese ZeNX players will face off, KSWthe player Day1Swiss Draw from 2above japanese Haneda You will face off against a player.

Of these, China ZeNX the player 2018in the year Shadowverse World Grand Prix As a winner who has never missed a place in the finals in all competitions since his first appearance,, MingiGod Shadowverse fans’ attention is focused on the match against the player.

other than that 181st ‘Shadowverse’ 22burnt ‘Dawn of Calamity / A new addition card for ‘Those Who Overcame Disaster’ 17berry leader skin 1While the chapter was released Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2021Attention is being paid to how players participating in the war will use the new cards..

Meanwhile, Cygames Korea is my 22burnt ‘Dawn of Calamity / To commemorate the update of the new card for ‘Those Who Overcame Disaster’, a wealth of events are also being held..

More details about the game can be found on the official ‘Shadowverse’ cafe..

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