Wacom Youtube Online Seminar with Writer Seungnam Yang

Wacom, the world’s leading tablet company(Wacom)Korea branch of Wacom Korea(representative Kim Joo-hyung, www.wacom.com)silver 3D Character artist Seungnam Yang and together ‘ZBrush using the program 3D Wacom’s YouTube online seminar will be held on the topic of ‘Character Design and Modeling Production Techniques’.. Wacom Youtube Online Seminar Coming 26sun friday afternoon 8from the city 90Minutes will be broadcast live on Wacom’s official YouTube channel., Anyone with or without a tablet can watch the lecture on YouTube.

This Wacom YouTube online seminar is a game, animated movie, engaged in various creative fields such as film 3D artist or ZBrush interested in the program 3D aspiring artist, It is conducted for students. Wacom LCD tablet Cintiq Pro 24Wow ZBrush use the program 3D Introduction to character design and modeling techniques, An online seminar was planned to share the vivid know-how of experts who are active in the field..

in the online seminar 3D a modeling program ZBrushusing 3D We will demonstrate from the basics of modeling to how to use it.. ZBrush the program 3D software optimized for modeling, It is much more efficient to use it with a tablet than a mouse for high-quality work such as precise texture expression through pen pressure performance.. Wacom has developed Cintiq so that you can enjoy products for creators in an optimal environment. 16, 22 When purchasing a product ZBrushcast 3Offers a monthly subscription.

Lectures at Wacom YouTube Online Seminar are famous 3D Character artist Seungnam Yang will host the event.. Lecture content ▲ZBrush Introduction of program features, ZBrush program UI and the basics of modeling, ▲ Wacom Cintiq Pro24Wow ZBrushas 3D It consists of making a character face, etc., Q&A There will also be time to communicate in real time with the lecturer during the session.. Yang Seung-Nam is a writer at a famous game company. 3D worked as a modeler, Produced a number of cinematic videos., Creative platform Colosso 3D Character modeling classes are also in progress..

Meanwhile, For more information on ‘Wacom YouTube Online Seminar’, click the YouTube link.(https://youtu.be/ovZ_FRk6RN8) can be found in.

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