Who is the main character of the Taegeuk mark? IEF 2021, the qualifiers end after a fierce battle

International Exchange Federation(Co-chairs Lee Kwang-jae and Nam Kyung-pil)is coming 12held in China in MayIEF 2021 International eIn order to select Korean representatives to participate in the ‘Sports Festival’IEF 2021 Korea eThe preliminary round of the Sports League’ has ended after a fierce battle. 11month 24Work(Number) said.

IEF 2021 Korea eSports League’ qualifiers are over 21league of legends by day, hearthstone, battle ground, etc. 3It was run as a dog sport., for each game 16Dog teams advanced to the finals.

For each game that passed the preliminary round 16dog team is coming 12month 4daily lesson 5It will be held online for a day or two.IEF 2021 Korea esports championship & They will compete fiercely in the national team selection.

The event is the same as in the qualifiers, League of Legends, hearthstone, Battlegrounds, etc., for each game 3dog team only 12held in China in May IEF 2021 International eParticipate in sports festivals with the Taegeuk mark.

In addition to the glory of qualifying for the finals, he also suffered a total injury. 2,500A million-dollar prize 1from above 4The above teams will be paid differentially..

In addition, in the era of With Corona, the game was conducted to create a healthy game culture. IEF The non-face-to-face walking challenge event is also in progress.

IEF The non-face-to-face walking challenge event is currently approx. 2just 5With thousands of participants, the number of participants continues to grow., coming 12month 10You can participate by downloading the walking challenge program ‘Walk On’ from Google Play and the App Store by the end of the day..

the event ends 12month 10total by day 5Participants who achieved 10,000 steps 1010A special prize will be given to the winners through a lottery..

Meanwhile, this year 17‘Welcome to the meeting’IEF‘ under the official sponsorship of Korea and China 2005Since the first competition in Beijing, China, the competition has been held steadily until this year, promoting cultural exchange between the two countries. eContributing to the development of the sports industry.

This time, ‘IEF 2021‘ is the International Federation of Exchanges IEFand Daejeon Metropolitan City co-hosted and hosted, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Sponsored by the Korea Creative Content Agency OP.GG, Samyang Foods, Samyang Won-dong Cultural Foundation, etc..

IEF 2021‘ League details can be found on the official website.

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