Wish products too dangerous: First EU country pulls the emergency brake

Wish has long been criticized for poor quality and counterfeit products. Now France is drawing serious consequences: Since many products are dangerous, the website is now to disappear from search engines. Further steps are already planned.

Wish: France wants to block shopping portal from search engines

If you order a product from Wish, you shouldn’t have too high demands. What should have got around by now is causing serious consequences in France. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire has ordered that Wish from the Results from search engines like Google are disappearing target. In doing so, he relies on regulations under European law that enable such “delisting”.

The French Ministry of Economic Affairs has had several items by Wish checked on a random basis. Be there serious flaws noticed. Quite a few of the articles examined were classified as non-compliant or simply dangerous. Serious violations were found in the toys and electronics sectors in particular. Almost half of the toys examined and around 90 percent of the electrical appliances are dangerous, it is said.

Also the Wish Business Practices received negative results during the examination. Articles reported as dangerous are often removed after 24 hours, but reappear a short time later under different names. When products are taken back, it is criticized that this would be “unsatisfactory” (source: Ministry of Economy via heise online).

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France: Wish fails to comply

According to the French Ministry of Economic Affairs, Wish has one two month period set to indicate possible dangers in the case of products and to remove misleading information. Wish has not met these requirements, which is why the shopping portal is now to disappear from search engines.

If nothing changes in Wish’s business practices in the near future, France would like the Block the website completely. The shopping portal now only has “a few weeks” left.