If normal writing is too boring for you, you can add effects to messages and texts. If you want to write something mirror-inverted, you can do so on both the PC and the smartphone.

GIGA explains how you can write and send mirror-inverted texts in Word, WhatsApp and Co. The reverse writing method differs depending on the platform. On the smartphone you also have to take a little detour before you can insert the mirror writing in a desired app such as the WhatsApp messenger.

Write mirror-inverted on the mobile phone

If you want to send a mirror-inverted message on your smartphone, you first have to convert a corresponding text via a corresponding website. This is suitable for example this font generator.

  1. First calls the corresponding website on.
  2. Tap in the field above your desired text a.
  3. Then scroll down. You will find numerous fancy fonts. You can see your text in the middle also in the mirror-inverted form.
  4. Tap on the text and hold your finger on the screen to highlight it.
  5. Copies the content to the clipboard.
  6. Opens WhatsApp or another app, in which you want to write mirror-inverted.
    whatsapp mirror-inverted
  7. Tap into the text field within the app. Hold your finger again on the screen and pastes the copied content.
  8. You can now read the text in the the selected shape.

You can also write on your head on WhatsApp and Co.

Write mirror-inverted with Word and Co. on the PC

Of course, you can also call up the website in the browser on your PC. You write your text here too and copy the content in the desired form in order to then paste it into your post on Facebook, Twitter or another place. You can also open “WhatsApp Web” in the browser to send the mirrored text to WhatsApp contacts. If you send the message to yourself, you can then copy it on your smartphone more easily and quickly than in the way described above.

Word and other writing programs on the PC also offer an option for mirror-inverted writing. You can usually find the setting in the “Format” menu. This is how it works in Word:

  1. Select above via the “Insert“Menu a” text field “.
  2. Press the right mouse button in the text field.
  3. Select the option “Format shape“.
  4. It continues in the area “Format shape“With” Effects “.
  5. Looking for “3D rotation“.
  6. In The Field “X rotation“You choose the value” 180 ° “.
  7. Your text in Word is now mirrored.

Once set, any text in the text field is written in the form.