YouTube and Co. pay huge sums of money for Twitch streamers

Streamers on Twitch are, at least for some target groups, real stars these days. Ninja, Shroud, Pokimane, Montana Black and Co. arrive Audience of millions. This is how the content creators earn a lot of money on Twitch.

But even more money beckons when switching to the competition. YouTube and Facebook partly offer well-known streamers insane sums to poach Internet celebrities. Sometimes there are contracts with sums of several million dollars.

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A lot more money on YouTube and Facebook

The well-known streamer Disguised Toast from Canada with currently around 2 million followers on Twitch recently had some insights into the world of Top-Streamer granted and reveal interesting details about contracts. YouTube and Facebook try to woo stars from Twitch by placing a Multiples of money to offer.

There’s the least on Twitch

Traditionally, Twitch offers the least amount of money, according to Disguised Toast. YouTube usually has that Double, on Facebook even that Triple. According to the streamer, this applies to many better-known personalities. Mixer, Microsoft’s now crumbled streaming platform, even paid about that Fivefold.

Thirty times as much money on Facebook

Disguised Toast was poached by Facebook Gaming in 2019 and streamed there exclusively for two years. In his case he even got – hard to believe – that Thirty times of what Twitch was offering him back then. In the meantime, however, the exclusive contract has expired.

What do streamers have to do for this?

the exclusive deals not only bring in a lot of money, but also obligations. So they usually have to exclusive Stream on the respective platform. There is also a monthly rate Minimum number of hours to stream.

How many millions do top streamers make?

Although Disguised Toast does not name any specific sums of money, Twitch’s top streamers usually deal with exclusive contracts several million dollars a year. Extremely well-known stars like Ninja are even supposed to over ten million dollars have received.

The amounts are also to be understood as a fixed, secure salary. More money is added through advertising, subscriptions, donations and sponsoring. Big streamers with exclusive contracts also enjoy particularly advantageous conditions.


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