2DC launches female-oriented mobile game ‘A Half World’ and ‘Red Eyes’, a tower of forbidden books | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– Seasonal content release

– Popular game blog ‘Anniversary of the World’ with various attractions

– ‘Half Remaining World’ original goods are on sale at the official goods shop

On the 25th, 2DC (2DC) released a new content for the female-oriented mobile game ‘A Half World’ in service.

Silver, which was newly added last October, is a season content consisting of a total of six sealed stories, and users can open the sealed forbidden books one by one by challenging the battle. Following the last time, in this release, you can meet the new character of the male protagonist ‘Jooyang’, played by the voice actress Lee Sae-ah, as well as various events such as a limited-time shop opening along with a new limited summons.

The female-oriented mobile game ‘A Half World’, released this spring, is a female-oriented mobile game in which a female protagonist (user) who is suddenly summoned to another world faces an unexpected fate and unfolds various adventures. Characteristic and attractive male protagonists, such as Nam Do-hyung, Eom Sang-hyun, Shin Yong-woo, Shim Kyu-hyuk, Lee Sae-ah, Ryu Seung-gon, Kim Min-ju, and Kim Myung-joon, were portrayed by top-class popular voice actors in Korea. Minho Jin, a talented singer-songwriter who sang the popular songs of ‘Beauty Inside’ and composed the OST ‘Beautiful in My Life’, etc., enhanced the game’s perfection.

In addition, the blog ‘Anniversary Memoirs’, which was opened in October, offers a variety of things to enjoy, attracting attention. In particular, the ‘Traveler’s Records’ menu, which collects users’ secondary creations in a gallery format, draws attention as users’ unique creativity and wit can be glimpsed.

In addition, the Naver smart store ‘2DC Shop’ is selling various and unique ‘half-a-half world’ original goods. Among them, the illustration stickers of each male protagonist are the most popular, and there are many other interesting items such as employee ID cards and student ID packages.

game download https://2dc.ink/3oN4wmA

official twitter https://twitter.com/2dc_diffworld

official cafe https://cafe.naver.com/thediffworld

half world memorandum https://2dc.ink/3EPOhvB

Goods shop https://smartstore.naver.com/2dcshop

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]