A3: SteelAlive, ‘Crystal Battlefield’ update

Data provided – Netmarble

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Lee Seung-won) announced on the 25th that it had updated its mobile first battle royale MMORPG (multiplayer online role-playing game) ‘A3: Steel Alive’ by adding the guild content ‘Crystal Battlefield’.

The ‘Crystal Battlefield’, which starts with the pre-season, is a content that wins if you destroy the main base of the opposing guild using the god of destruction summoned by the guild member within the time limit. The content will be held every Friday at 9 PM, and the official season will begin with higher rewards in the future.

With this update, three new soul linkers have been added: attack type Asta, defensive type Angela, and support type Aina. In addition, three types of ornamental relics that can amplify the optional abilities of accessories have been added.

In addition, the End III difficulty of Silend Mine has been newly opened, and a higher grade reward is given upon clearing, as well as some rewards for the Temple of Rift and raids have been increased. Equipment enhancement is expanded from the existing maximum of 55 to level 65, and additional rainbow slots are opened when reaching level 65. At the same time, the apostle level increases to a maximum of 120, and at the same time, the soul linker passive skill awakening system that has reached the maximum enhancement level is newly introduced.

Netmarble has prepared various updates to commemorate this update. First of all, a ‘7-day attendance event’ will be held, where you can obtain various rewards such as 6-star hero Soul Stars and upper-level Soul Runner lottery tickets just by logging in for 7 days until December 21st. In addition, there will be a ‘Nice Winter Shop’ event, where you can use the fur gloves, fur hats, and fur scarves acquired during the same period to exchange for 7-star hero confirmed soul stars and 1000 seeds of gale.

‘See you on the battlefield of crystal!’ In the event, depending on the cumulative number of participation in the Crystal Battlefield, you can obtain a Enhancement Blessing Scroll, a rare Windfury Fruit, and a higher Soul Runner Draw Ticket. In addition, the ‘Gully 3 Snowflake Dice Event’, where you can obtain various rewards by using the game play and one free die per day, will also be held.

More information about ‘A3: Still Alive’ and this event can be found on the official forum.