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[기사 본문]

Action Square (CEO Kim Yeon-joon, 205500) announced on the 25th that the mobile game ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’ has been updated, including the addition of Kang Yu’s transcendence.

In the Three Kingdoms, ‘Gangyu’ was the general of the Chu dynasty, and the sleeping person was Baek Yak. He is from Kihyun, Cheonsu-gun. During the Northern Expeditions of Zhuge Liang, he was defeated by Zhuge Liang and became a naturalized citizen of Chok. Zhuge Liang praised Kang Yu so highly that he said that he had only just met his successor because he had both literary skills and character.

After Zhuge Liang’s death, he followed the will of Zhuge Liang and carried out the North Expedition Policy, but with no results each time. When Sima Shao invaded Chu, Yusun surrendered. Kang Yu plans a rebellion with Jong-hui to rebuild Xu Han, but his plan is revealed and he is killed by the general of Wei.

When you transcend forcefully, you acquire the transcendence skill ‘Hwanryongil Island’, and when using the transcendence skill, you are immune to status abnormalities by putting your sword into the ground to collect qi, then dash forward to attack all enemies in a straight path. While Kang Yu-ga gathers Chi, damage received from enemies is greatly reduced, and up to 10 phantom clones immediately counterattack in front of the attacking enemy, dealing up to 3 stacks of physical damage taken by 30% increased damage for 5 seconds. One island attack stops the enemy in the dash path for 2 seconds and applies a powerful finishing attack with a very high probability that is judged as a critical hit with a time difference.

In commemoration of this Kangyu Transcendence Update, the event battlefield is opened, and various events such as mission achievement event, cumulative purchase event, colic drawing event, and daily probability up drawing event are also held.

Action Square has also improved the ability to check the arsenal of the opposing faction through this update through this update, added a skip function to loot, gold mine battle, and arena contents, and added a level restricted area for gold mine battle for new users. We have created an environment where users can enjoy the game more smoothly.

More details about this update of ‘Three Kingdoms Blade’ can be found on the official cafe.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]