Added wing system! Decalon M, Trans-Up Change Ticket Update

KOSDAQ registered company Some Age Co., Ltd.(KOSDAQ 208640, CEO Park Hong-seo)is developed by its subsidiary Unsigned Games and serviced by the company. MMORPG ‘DekaronM‘ added the right to change the wing system and trans-up 25day said.

The wing system not only decorates the character’s appearance, but also enhances the main abilities., strength according to grade, You can increase stats such as agility.

also strengthen 10When you reach a level, you can evolve., If you have an evolution stone of the same grade as the wing, 100% can succeed.

At the same time, the ‘trans-up change right’, which allows you to change the character’s trans-up to another one, has been updated..

Users are of the same grade when using the Trans-Up change right, Transup cards and gear as a group, You can change skills, etc..

When using the trans-up change ticket, all equipment is dismounted and the stats are also reset., When changing an item, Existing items are destroyed, but enhancement values ​​and smelting options, The information of the equipped socket gem is preserved..

‘DekaronMMore details about the ‘wing system and the right to change the trans-up can be found on the official cafe..

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