Tuesday, November 30

Blade & Soul, new awakening series ‘projection’ update

Data provided – NCsoft

NCsoft (CEO Taek-Jin Kim, hereafter referred to as NC)’s PC MMORPG (multiple access role-playing game) Blade & Soul (hereinafter referred to as Blossom) has updated the new awakening series ‘Projection’ and the new dungeon ‘Supply Base of Chaos’.

‘Projection’ is a new awakening series of ‘Gyeongsa’, one of the Blossom jobs. Users can check the battle method of ‘Projection’ and the appearance of the new dungeon ‘Supply Base of Chaos’ through the teaser video. The new dungeon ‘Hall of Trials’ scheduled to be updated in December also appears in the video.

‘Projection’ collects combat energy in the ‘mechanical device’ and allows you to select a combat method that suits the situation. Through ‘energy synchronization’, compressed energy can be released to launch a more powerful attack. If you switch your stance to ‘projection mode’, you can use energy to use various firearms such as long guns, shotguns, and machine guns.

The new ancient dungeon ‘Supply Base of Chaos’ consists of a total of 20 stages, and you get special gems and jewels when you defeat them. When you attack the final boss ‘Saturated Ran’, ‘Yeonhwarin’ will appear together, allowing you to experience a new battle. If you perform the ‘Soul Fiesta’ mission in the process of capturing the dungeon, you can obtain additional rewards such as Saturated Egg Daejeonggi and Shiny Saturated Egg-exclusive Seal Box.

We will also expand the supply of ‘growth material items’. The user can check the changed acquisition destination for each slot on the update page.

More information can be found on the official BLSO website.


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