Blizzard, 1st ‘Overwatch Employee Tournament’ Registration Deadline Saturday, November 27 | Ruri Web

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Following the soft landings of Overwatch’s ‘School Tournament’ and ‘University Tournament’, which have established themselves as the nation’s largest high school and college Overwatch e-sports competitions in name and reality, a community competition for office workers will be newly established.

The 1st ‘Overwatch Office Workers Tournament’, which will show the essence of Overwatch e-sports enjoyed together as a festival for office workers across the country who love Overwatch, is scheduled to open on the 11th and 28th (Sun), and participants will be recruited until 6 pm on the 27th (Sat). go out

This competition is free for anyone working in a domestic company to form a team with a colleague of the same company. The minimum number of people is 6, and one company can participate in multiple teams. In particular, as it is a place of communication and festival enjoyed by everyone, there is no limit on the age of registered players, but for fairness reasons, former professional players are limited. Currently, about 300 office workers from various industries have gathered on the Discord channel dedicated to the competition, raising the enthusiasm and anticipation for the first competition.

The tournament will start with the preliminary round on November 28th, the quarterfinals on December 4th (Sat), and the quarterfinals and finals on the 5th (Sunday). From the quarterfinals onwards, all schedules will be broadcast live on the Overwatch Twitch channel.

There are also benefits for winners and participants. The winning team will be given a meal voucher worth 100,000 won. All participants will receive a limited-edition Overwatch multi-pouch and 1,000 snowflake points each. Snowflake points can be used in future contests to apply for prizes made up of Overwatch goods.

This competition is produced and hosted by WDG and sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment. The official rules of the competition are free competition.

Registration for the 1st Overwatch Workers’ Tournament and more information can be found here.

Blizzard Entertainment has garnered a favorable response from the community by supporting in-house e-sports competitions of corporate clubs and broadcasting live e-sports friendly matches between companies. The 1st Overwatch employee tournament, as well as the successfully settled school and college tournaments, are programs designed by listening to the voices of the community. plan.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]