Breathe a sigh of relief for e-car drivers: the environmental bonus remains – for the time being

Anyone who buys an e-car can lower the price by up to 9,000 euros thanks to subsidies. Customers who have already struck but are still waiting for the electric car can now breathe a sigh of relief. The funds, which have almost been written off, will continue to be paid, but there are limits.

E-car owners are happy: the innovation bonus will continue to be paid

With yesterday’s announcement of the contract between the traffic light coalition parties, owners of electric cars should be a little lighter again. Although it has not yet been signed by the individual parties, it does not provide a guarantee, but the plans are encouraging. At least nobody needs to do without the innovation bonuswho is waiting for the paid e-car.

This is how the SPD, Greens and FDP explain their intention in a joint paper:

In particular, due to the manufacturers’ delivery difficulties for plug-in hybrid vehicles that have already been ordered, we will be offering the innovation bonus to support the purchase of electric cars unchanged according to the previous regulation until December 31, 2022 continue. (Source: Coalition agreement between the SPD, Bundsnis90 / Die Grünen and FDP)

Originally, the innovation bonus was supposed to end at the end of 2021. For e-car buyers who were counting on the bonus, that would be a bitter blow, after all, the innovation bonus makes up half of the federal government’s share of funding – and thus one third of the maximum total.

For all those who are just waiting for their new hybrid or pure e-car to be delivered, security is almost guaranteed, even if the final signature is still pending. Even those who dare to switch to electromobility in the foreseeable future can still do so look forward to further support.

The e-car bonus remains, but the rules are getting tougher

But the rules are becoming stricter: the subsidy should be reformed degressively, it says in the contract. Means: less and less funding in the long term. So if you want to skim off as much funds as possible, you should act quickly. Politicians want to get the mobility transition going in this way.

Errors about e-cars that you should clear up with before buying can be found in Video:

In the case of hybrid vehicles, it will also be important in the future that these are verifiable Driven as much electrically as possible will. The purely electric minimum range will be increased to 80 km from August 2023. The coalition partners agree that there will be no innovation bonus beyond 2025.