Corona-Tool reveals: Your vaccination protection is really that good

Your own vaccination protection can be quickly calculated using an online tool. (Image source: Unsplash)

A new tool provides information on how things are going with individual and current vaccination protection. After providing less data, users can quickly calculate for themselves how high the protection against illness and a severe course is against an unvaccinated person.

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For many people who have been vaccinated twice in Germany, the second immunization several months ago. After six months, according to the recommendation of the Standing Vaccination Commission, people over the age of 18 should have a third vaccination. The transmission of SARS-CoV-2 should be reduced via the booster refreshment with mRNA vaccine. A tool can now be used to calculate what the current and individual vaccination protection looks like.

Corona tool: calculate vaccination protection yourself

The Tagesspiegel has one Vaccination protection calculator published, with which interested parties can find out for themselves what the Protection against illness is ordered. In addition to the type of vaccine used, only the date of the last vaccination needs to be given. Then three percentages show the protection in comparison with unvaccinated people.

In addition to the average protection against illness with the coronavirus, the approximate probability of a severe course of the infection is also displayed. The third value should be even more important, because this is where the tool provides the Protection after a booster vaccination with the Biontech vaccine as a percentage.

The new 2G and 3G rules sometimes cause confusion. in the Video we clarify important questions:

Tagesspiegel: Corona tool is not a recommendation for action

The daily mirror indicates that the tool “Only the rough estimate” serves and does not represent a personal recommendation for action. Important factors such as age, gender and one’s own state of health are not queried (source: Daily mirror). How high the individual degree of protection is can only be read to a limited extent from the calculated probabilities.

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