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CREST Co., Ltd. distributed the update of the horror adventure game produced by Team Corn Field on 11/24 (Wednesday) 22:00. The main character, Sulhwa, was played by Kim Bona, and the mysterious cat was played by Kang Si-hyeon.

V. Update Contents

▶Game play

∙ Add character/quest

∙ Added some stories

∙ New voice added according to the above

∙ Add special direction


∙ Added Korean full voice

∙ Added many achievements

∙ Add BGM

Update details:

You can check the details on the page, but some spoilers are included. Also, to commemorate the update, a live broadcast of Japanese voice actors will be held on Twitch channel from 19:00 on 12/2 (Thu). It is said that ‘Nomizu Iori’ as Seolhwa and ‘Kashino Masatoshi’ as rabbit doll will appear as guests and experience the update content together.

Studio NGC Twitch Channel:

… The background is a dark abandoned hospital.

On the way to the test of courage, Seol-hwa realizes that her friends have disappeared.

An old abandoned hospital appears in front of such a story…

Last Light is a horror adventure game set in an abandoned hospital.

The main character, Seol-hwa, has to escape the attacking ghosts and escape safely by relying only on the light of a flashlight in her hand. In the process, he gradually comes face to face with the hospital’s grim past…

■ Product overview

[Sales]: CREST

[Development]: TEAM CORN FIELD

[Platform]: Steam®, NintendoSwitch™

[Genre]: Horror Adventure

[Number of players]: 1 person

[Release Date]: Steam® August 26, 2021 (Thu)

[Sales price]: Steam® 16,900 won

[Languages ​​supported]: Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)

[CV]: Iori Nomizu, Mariya Ise, etc.

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■ CREST Co., Ltd.

[ Company Name ]: CREST Co., Ltd.

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[ representative ]: Representative Director Junmo Yang : Representative Director Mikami Masataka

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